Finally “TV-B-Gone JeonLab mod” is assembled!

Finally, the PCBs (revised) I ordered for the TV-B-Gone JeonLab mod have arrived. It’s always exciting to see actually fabricated PCBs I designed. It was not an exception this time. As I mentioned before, I made a couple of mistakes and had to order the revised one. Which means that the new PCB itself doesn’t look different from the faulty one, but it did look different. Funny.

For those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, please take look at my previous post.

Anyway, I quickly started making one and wanted to share the procedure and brief test results.

Here is the look of the PCB.
TV-B-Gone_JeonLab_PCB top-bottom

As you may have noticed from above picture of the PCB, it is “universal” version meaning it has a region (NA-North American models, EU-European models) selection switch.

First thing I did was to solder a 8-DIP socket for the ATtiny85V chip.
8DIP socket on TV-B-Gone Jeonlab PCB

The ATtiny85V chip is flashed with my modification from the Adafruit’s firmware v1.2 as below.

// exit do loop if REGIONSWITCH is pressed
 if ((region == US && !(PINB & _BV(REGIONSWITCH)))
|| (region == EU && (PINB & _BV(REGIONSWITCH)))) break;// delay 100 milliseconds before transmitting next POWER code (it was 250ms, but found 100ms works fine and faster)

Before assembling it fully, in order to check whether or not the ATtiny85V chip was flashed correctly, the indicator LED (green or red, I chose green), an 8MHz ceramic resonator, and a 1k ohm resistor for the LED were soldered first.  With my favorite power source (two 10F super-caps, 5V, USB charged), I checked the LED was blinking as below and it worked fine.
assembling TV-B-Gone_JeonLab: ATtiny85V and indicator LED check

Some photos after fully assembled:
assembled TV-B-Gone_JeonLab 1

assembled TV-B-Gone_JeonLab

components of TV-B-Gone_JeonLab

Further test results and assembly instruction will be posted soon.

If you want to buy the PCB, the ATtiny85V with JeonLab mod firmware, or a full kit, email me.