TV-B-Gone mod kit

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– ATtiny85V-10 with firmware: x1
– TV-B-Gone JeonLab PCB: x1
– 8pin DIP socket: x1
– 8MHz ceramic resonator with built-in capacitors: x1
– Narrow beam IR LED (20 degrees, 940nm): x1
– Wide beam IR LED (34 degrees (or 40) , 940nm): x2
– Slide switch (DPDT): x2
– NPN transistor (2N3904): x3
– PNP transistor (PN2907, 800mA): x1
– 3mm LED (green or red): x1
– Resistor (1k): x2
– Resistor (10k): x1
– Tactile switch: x2
NOTE: Batteries and battery holder are not included.


  • Canada (by regular mail): $15.50
  • Canada (local pick-up): $13.00
  • USA (by Canada Post Light Packet USA Air, 1-2 weeks): $17.50
  • International: please email me for shipping calculation

How to order:  Send the amount by Paypal ( and leave a note of your order in Paypal order form.

NOTE: If you want only a part of this kit (e.g. without ATtiny85 or PCB only) or more than 1 kit, please email me.

5 comments on “TV-B-Gone mod kit
  1. Frank says:

    I do not want a kit, I want a fully assembled TV B-Gone. How much would that cost me?

  2. jeonlab says:

    Frank: I do not charge additionally for assemblying the kit, so the price will be the same as a kit. So one fully assembled TV-B-Gone mod is for $13.00 plus shipping. Email me your address and I will let you know the shipping cost. Thanks.

  3. Michael says:

    Hey how do I order one

  4. Michael says:

    Hey I want a fully assembled TV-b-gone

    • jeonlab says:

      Michael, currently I have only one kit (can be assembled) left. The price is US$13.00 plus shipping and you can pay by Paypal. If you send me your address by email (jinseok dot jeon at, I will send you an invoice. Thanks.

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