JeonLab mini v1.3

JeonLab mini v1.3

JeonLab mini v1.3 kit parts

  • JeonLab mini v1.3 PCB x1
  • ATmega328p with Arduino bootloader x1
  • 28pin DIP socket x1
  • 16MHz resonator (with built-in capacitors) x1
  • 3mm red LED x1
  • 3mm green LED x1
  • 10k ohm resistor x1
  • 1k ohm resistor x2
  • 0.1uF ceramic capacitor x1
  • 14pin male header x2


  • Canada (by regular mail): $15.95
  • Canada (local pick-up): $13.00
  • USA (by Canada Post Light Packet USA Ai, 1-2 weeks): $17.45
  • International: please email me for shipping calculation

How to order:  Send the amount by Paypal ( and leave a note of your order in Paypal order form.  Please ask me availability first by email before paying by Paypal.

NOTE: If you want only a part of this kit (e.g. without ATmega328 or PCB only) or more than 1 kit, please email me.

9 comments on “JeonLab mini v1.3
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  2. ChickenMan says:

    I have been enjoying building things with Arduino Uno, and it is self-contained. Your board looks great! It’s so small! But I have one question… do I need (or do you personally recommend) to add an external voltage regulator, or can I simply connect a battery to it? Sorry if this is a naive question, but I do not know anything about electronics!

  3. jeonlab says:

    Hi ChickenMan: The power connection is completely depending on your project and your choice. If you want control some device with this and there is already power source (either from a power adapter or batteries) for the device you want to control, you can use it. In this case, if the power source is between 3.3-5V, then you can use it directly. Otherwise, e.g. 9V or 12V, you need a regulator such as 7805 and a couple of capacitors. If you are building a simple circuit something like Blinker (LED and a resistor) which powered by Arduino (or JeonLab :-), then you can use batteries (3 Alkaline (1.5V each) cells or 4 of NiCd or NiMH (1.2V each)) or 5V DC power adapter. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to leave a reply or send me an email to jinseok (dot) jeon (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.

  4. Ronald Praver says:

    How much for
    JeonLab mini v1.3
    minus the 328 chip?

  5. jeonlab says:

    @Ronald: That will be $6.95 plus shipping.
    If you are interested, email me with your location for shipping fee calculation, then I will send you a PayPal invoice.

  6. Jerome says:

    What about the Price for the board alone ? (individual & 10 pcs)

  7. jeonlab says:

    JeonLab mini v1.3 PCB only: $3.00 (1-9), $2.50 (10-99), $2.00 (>100) plus shipping. Thanks.

  8. Does it work with 3.3v supply and 8Mhz resonator?

  9. jeonlab says:

    Sorry for late reply. I have been so busy for the last few months. Yes, you can use 3.3V and 8MHz resonator or crystal. Please check ATmega328p datasheet for more detail. Thanks.

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