Please ask me availability first by email before paying by Paypal.

JeonLab mini v1.3 (minimalist Arduino compatible board)

TV-B-Gone mod kit

JeonLab mini v1.0 (minimalist Arduino compatible board, fits in a blue box)

ATmega328P chip with Arduino bootloader

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  1. Alan says:

    I have been looking at your JeonLab mini’s on Ebay – and am/was thinking about them – but for my first venture into Arduino’s I think I should go with a “real one” and then get into the good stuff later.

    But the two questions I have to bring me back once I get started are – the USB FTDI interface – do you have those, are they easy to get? And have you thought about making a maxi version of the mini? extending the width of the board a couple of inches on one side or the other so that additional components can be soldered on – more permanent than a bread board and not having to etch a board myself?

    I soldered two diodes the other day – my first real electronics project! I hope that by the weekend I will be able to prove my concept is good and move onto the good stuff.

    • jeonlab says:

      Hi Alan,
      As I explained in the post, you can buy the FTDI USB interface from Adafruit or Sparkfun.
      Yes, I have thought about something similar to “maxi” version as you said and will be next or next-next version. 🙂
      Welcome to amazing electronics world! You will be able to find good tutorials of soldering or basic electronics from internet easily. Try Youtube.
      Thanks for your comments.


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