Introducing JeonLab mini v1.3

JeonLab mini v1.3 assembled 1

This new version of JeonLab mini is a solderless breadboard friendly Arduino compatible board with minimal components. The key features of this board are:

  • Arduino bootloader loaded ATmega328p (28-pin DIP)
  • 3 resistors and a capacitor are attached to the bottom as they are thinner than the height of the header plastic
  • all through-hole components
  • pins for the FTDI connector for program (sketch) load or USB-serial communication
  • no power regulator
  • 2 LEDs for the power and d13 pin
  • 16MHz ceramic resonator with built-in capacitors

JeonLab mini v1.3 assembled bottom

JeonLab mini v1.3 on bread board with FTDI

Pin arrangement:

JeonLab mini 1.3 pins

JeonLab mini v1.3 schematic

7 thoughts on “Introducing JeonLab mini v1.3

  1. Hi, I would like to buy one of your JeonLab mini v1.3, but I live in the U.K. is this possible and if so can you let me know the cost of it + the shipping cost. Thanking you, kind Regards Dave. P.S. I can also pay by Paypal if that is more convenient.

  2. David, thank you for your interests but I don’t sell them anymore. I’m sure you can buy smaller but the same feature board on-line at lower prices. Try Arduino Pro mini. Thanks.

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