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GPS distance measurement between two coordinates using Arduino

I knew the dimension of the LCD (Nokia 5110) as 43mm x 43mm but it looked smaller than I thought.  That’s good because I want to put it on top of the GPS (Holux M-1000). In my previous post, I

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Wii Nunchuck hack: making an electronic level with Arduino compatible JeonLab mini v1.3

I have posted a project on using the accelerometer chip in the broken Wii Nunchuck. It was broken: the joystick did’t work. However, the accelerometer chip in the Nunchuck was intact and it also has the I2C interface which can

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TV-B-Gone_JeonLab power source

As same as Adafruit’s original TV-B-Gone kit, my modified TV-B-Gone_JeonLab accepts any DC power source within 3-5V. The micro-controller, ATtiny85V, runs within 1.8-5.5V, but the IR LEDs consumes more power than the micro-controller, you need to keep the source voltage

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Finally “TV-B-Gone JeonLab mod” is assembled!

Finally, the PCBs (revised) I ordered for the TV-B-Gone JeonLab mod have arrived. It’s always exciting to see actually fabricated PCBs I designed. It was not an exception this time. As I mentioned before, I made a couple of mistakes

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TV-B-Gone mod for battery saving and region/range selection

TV-B-Gone is a small gadget that can turn on and off virtually any TV in the world developed and sold as a kit by Adafruit. They also provide the source code and compiled firmware under Creative Common Share Alike license.

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Toy Laser Gun

I found a pistol shape broken RC car remote from my son’s toy box one day and got an idea to modify it into a toy laser gun. I also had a cheap laser pointer. I regret for forgetting to

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Wii Nunchuck accelerometer and 2 servo with JeonLab mini v1.0 (Arduino compatible)

See detail in this post.

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