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Binary golf shot counter

I have never liked to either play or watch any sports. A few years ago, there was a golf outing at work when I have ever tried golf for the first time. Golfing became one of my favorite things to

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GPS distance measurement between two coordinates using Arduino

I knew the dimension of the LCD (Nokia 5110) as 43mm x 43mm but it looked smaller than I thought.  That’s good because I want to put it on top of the GPS (Holux M-1000). In my previous post, I

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GPS (M-1000) with LCD (Nokia 5110)

Finally, I got the Nokia 5110 LCD that was ordered on eBay a few weeks ago. It took me a couple of days to find the best library for the LCD and quickly updated my Arduino program to display current

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GPS (Holux M-1000) signal read using Arduino 1: coordinate/bearing/speed and UTC

Holux M-1000 is a GPS receiver with a Bluetooth.  I had used it for navigation with Palm TX and Treo700p (yes, I have long been a big fan of Palm PDA series) and Geocaching until I bought Android smartphone which

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TV-B-Gone mod for battery saving and region/range selection

TV-B-Gone is a small gadget that can turn on and off virtually any TV in the world developed and sold as a kit by Adafruit. They also provide the source code and compiled firmware under Creative Common Share Alike license.

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USB chargeable flashlight & circuit tester with charge indicator LED

This is another supercap (super capacitor) application. I like supercaps. Although it can hold much smaller charge than rechargeable batteries and a little bit expensive, it can be charged extremely quick (about 30 seconds through USB for 2x 2.5V, 10F),

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