Hot summer, hot water, solar water heater?

It’s getting hotter outside. As I have always thought, there must be easy way to utilize the sun light to heat water. I have found lots of lots ideas and commercial products through internet, so called solar water heater. However, those commercial products are mostly expensive. I understand that as the market is small and because of that, the material cost and labor cannot be any cheaper.

Anyway, I don’t want a commercial one since there is no fun.

I’m thinking to put some dark colored water hose on top of the roof with an insulated water tank. But the problem is it will look ugly. If I need just a little hotter than warm (38-40 deg.C) water for a couple of shower, I won’t need a big tank. Hmm…

Any good idea??

Get a rain barrel: water saving

Last year, I saw a brochure from a local public library saying it sells a rain barrel (208 liter, 55 galon) for $25.00 which was supported by the cities and some environment groups I guess.  Anyway, I was so excited because I had been looking for some way to save rain.  The rain water can not be used for our daily life like drinking or washing dishes or taking showers, but you can use it for your garden for those hot and dry days.   It looks like this as in the photo below.    It is fully filled for just one night rain.  I was so surprised.   I’m thinking to get another one for this year for my backyard.  Interested?  Google “rain barrel 2011” with your local regional name, e.g. rain barrel Vaughan 2011.

Rain barrel

Water saving idea: waiting for hot water?

Did you know how many liters of water we waste when we are just waiting for the water gets hot before washing your hands or taking a shower or even doing dishes?

I have a bucket in my bath tub and whenever I take a shower, turn on the water and put the shower head to it until hot water comes out so that I can save cold water.  Later, this cold water can be used for flushing toilet.  I found the cold water we can easily waste before shower is approximately 3-4 liters which is about the same amount the toilet flushes at a time.