About me (전진석)

I’m a mechanical engineer,  but sometimes I don’t know how to answer when people ask me what my area is.  Although I studied from undergraduate till I got my PhD in Mechanical Engineering, in many ways, I have worked for projects which requires more than a few different engineering technologies such as heat transfer, phase transition of liquid, electronic circuit design, material selection and some fundamental science; physics, optics and even biomedical stuff.   I’m not an electronic engineer, but I started studying electronics when I went to middle school as a hobby.   Remote control car and HAM (amateur radio) are among my hobbies as well.

There are so many things that make me excited in the world which I’m sure that I can not even try the most of them during my life time.  The best among those and the most impossible one is to fly, not just fly but fly like a bird.   So called ornithopter or human powered flying vehicle, especially using flapping wings, is my dream.

I’m interested in the universe, the future of our solar system, the past and the future of evolution of life form and environment.  I know I can not do anything to the universe, the solar system or evolution, but I do know I can do many things for our environment.  So I’m interested in energy saving and clean energy.

Designing and making something small and useful gadgets are my favorite daily activity.   So, I’m going to show, discuss and help others of those ideas and my small projects here.

Dec 2010

Jinseok Jeon



9 thoughts on “About me (전진석)

  1. Hi – I am an ME by education and multi by desire and use.

    For your flying – try Parapante/Paragliding. I started in 1990 and flew about 150 times (50+ hours) till I stopped with being a father to children. But, IT is amazing to soar/glide under your own direction.


    Brian – Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  2. Hi. Brian: I had thought about paragliding as well before I became a father. So I chose relatively safer flying, ultra-light plane. I flew Drifter. It was lovely plane. Once some birds followed my plane just after taking off sea shore. No one will understand how we feel in the air.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. I’d like to chime in here, I have 4 kids and the youngest is 18 and the oldest is 28. When I got married, I was hang gliding and gave it up some 25 years ago. Now that everyone is all grown up, I just bought a Falcon 195 and started to fly again. Of all types of flying, hang gliding is the closest to your dreams, trust me……

    • Never give up! That’s the message I can read from your comment. Thank you. I haven’t tried hang gliding, but yes, I can imagine how it is exciting. I will try and own my hang glider someday. Thank you.

  4. 안녕하세요! 레이츨 예요. 유찬이 브로그를 나한테 보냈어요. 이거 이싶분에 썼어요. I need more practice and I often mix up symbols like ㅏ and ㅓ as well as ㄱ and ㄴ when I try to write quickly. Yuchan helped me with it as well.

  5. Hi, Jinseok,
    I got the task from my teacher about calculating the distance through two coordinate points just like you have, but the result of the calculation should be sent to the mobile phone, can you help me, and can i get your contact, fb, whatsapp or anything else, please
    and lots of thank you

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