Minimal Arduino

One day, I came across a website, Adafruit when I was looking for small Arduino.  Why small Arduino?  My first impression of the Arduino Duemilanove was it could be smaller if there was no FTDI (serial-USB converter).  In many projects, I found it didn’t need FTDI once sketches were loaded.  There are only a handful parts such as crystal and capacitors and resistors around the ATmega328 chip.  Of course we need headers for digital and analog pins, but they are not necessarily that big.   I like small and compact gadgets.  So I searched internet and saw the Boarduino from Adafruit.

I also found more of those minimal Arduino ideas: here, here, here, here, and here I’m sure there would be more and more similar ideas.

So I decided to make my own small and cute Arduino and introduce it here as in my title picture of this blog.  I’ll post some pictures and procedure.


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